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Looking for Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaners in the Mornington Peninsula?

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David’s Carpet Cleaning in the Mornington Peninsula is your local commercial carpet cleaning problem solvers! We’ve offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning solutions to a wide range of businesses in Frankston for over 15 years.

Reasons to contact David’s Carpet Cleaning when looking for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Mornington Peninsula.

Over 15 Years’ Experience – Starting locally in Cheltenham over 15 years ago, David’s Carpet Cleaning has developed into one of Melbourne leading steam cleaning companies, working for 100’s of different businesses through the Melbourne CBD.

Certified, trained and experienced carpet cleaners.

We use advanced carpet steam cleaning techniques resulting in extraction of contaminants which can damage your carpets, further extending the longevity of your carpet’s life.

Custom solutions. Our professionally trained and certified carpet cleaning technicians will tailor each carpet cleaning treatment to match your organisations needs.

Our carpet cleaning technicians pay special attention to high traffic areas and will offer pre-treatment solutions to remove ground-in dirt and stains that regular carpet shampoos simply cannot remove.

10-day Guarantee on all work

Quality Service Our carpet cleaning services use quality & eco-friendly cleaning supplies along with best cleaning practices. Our deep cleaning methods use steam along with a pre-spray or deep-spray that kills off bacteria and a powerful suction lifts all particles into the vacuum hold. We use this process for all carpeted areas, area rugs, and upholstery. For tough stains, we treat it with a spot-cleaning solution.

We Strive for Complete Satisfaction
Our philosophy is simple,  we only want the best for our customers. Our staff is fully trained steam cleaners and experienced in cleaning of carpets, fabric, and mattresses to make them look brand new again. Being the best carpet steam cleaners in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your cleaning needs will be done in a proficient and timely manner with top quality results. With these great traits, you will receive the best in customer service with quality and excellence in mind.

When Is Commercial Cleaning Needed For Carpet?
Commercial carpet cleaning is more important to maintain than residential carpet cleaning due, to the amount of foot traffic. Office buildings in Hawthorn receive many times more foot traffic than the average home, and this places a great deal of stress on the carpeting. The pattern, shorter pile, and tighter fiber construction reduce the appearance of stains, but a burn, chemical spill or food stain can give the office an unkempt and unprofessional appearance. Regular carpet cleaning is a necessity to ensure that the carpet remains attractive, sturdy and free of unhealthy microbes.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula – Our Process

Preliminary inspection to determine the best cleaning method
Pre-treatment of spots and stains
Pre-application of cleaning products to loosen ground-in soil
Rinsing your carpet with clear, hot water
Post-treatment of any residual stains
Carpet grooming for efficient drying and a uniform appearance
Pads under furniture legs to protect the carpet while it dries
Final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

If you are looking for nothing but the best in steam cleaning solutions for your organisation call David’s Carpet Cleaning today on 1300 008 255
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David’s Carpet Cleaning has extensive carpet cleaning experience in,

  • Offices and places of business
  • Hospitals and health centres
  • Hotels, pubs and places of entertainment
  • Reception Centres
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Government buildings and offices

What ever your organization’s carpet cleaning requirements are call David Carpet Cleaning today and we’ll create a customised solution for you!

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